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We can apply so many different adjectives to describe the Barcco handle: simple, linear, minimalist, functional, modern… It works just as well whether fitted horizontally or vertically. It has an optimum thickness of 18mm so that it stands out on kitchen and bathroom furniture and all types of cupboards adding a touch of warmth and architecture to its surroundings. Thanks to its trapezium like shape which stretches its upper side, the handle traces an imaginary straight line across the piece of furniture so giving it added lightness and reason. It is available in light coloured wood species such as Ash and Brown Walnut. Three lengths from 200, 400 and 600mm mean it can be fitted to sizeable pieces of furniture, but could really be made in any length as special order. As an unfinished/non-stained piece of wood, the final finish can also be adapted and personalized according to the design of your furniture.