Handle - Sense

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There are some handles that have their own character despite being really simple. Sense is one of them. It has an aluminum structure of 29,5mm in thickness with rounded corners which can be fitted in diverse surroundings and on different types of furniture, especially on cupboards, kitchen drawers, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Its facing surface ensures that it doesn’t go unseen and adds a certain amount of protagonism to the piece of furniture onto which it is fitted. On chests of drawers it adds a really interesting touch of decoration. It comes in four sizes which guarantees it is suitable to be fitted to surfaces of differing size: 128; 192; 320 and 490mm. The last size mentioned is ideal for large drawers in kitchens. It is manufactured in aluminum with an anodized finish (only 128mm), shiny chrome and stainless steel effect (these two are available in all the sizes previously mentioned.